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Team Vigil — Season Review

This was my first time captaining in rd2l and as i fumbled around tryin to look like i knew what i was doing, i learned a few things. Captaining isn’t as easy as it looks on paper, getting the team on the same page and getting their morale up proved tough.

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But the team was fun in and outside of the games. We had some communication problems and some of the players didn’t enjoy how the others played at first. We got over it and the team did get on the same page but i feel like it happened a little too late and we didnt get that far in the tournament.

Mikee ()
This dude was a hidden gem, he plays alot of mid heroes but his cheese heroes got some needed wins. i feel like mikee is player who wants to improve and will probably be a different rank next season (Guaranteed).

Syf ()
I think syf is a support player who transitioned to carry and he is quite good in lane. but that is were my praise ends, he has some postitioning problems like the fact that he stays in the safe lane way too long after the laning stage was over and also leaving warded areas he can farm to go to dark camps kinda triggered the other players.

Hanswurst ()
Probably the best player in the team, wins every lane and i do appreciate what he communicates, his calls were always on point but the way he kinda talked sometimes triggered one of the players.
Also loves sven offlane way too much.

Insp1r391 ()
Not much to say really solid pos 4. but i gotta call you out for that sf toss, i had to mute my mic cuz i was laughing too hard. (sry bud)
Tusk — Godlike
Everything else — Wanting

MaGe- ()
I really wanted to play carry this season but after looking at the draft sheet i knew that was tantamount to super greifing the four other player i would eventually pick for my team.
I actually play pretty much every support under the sun but people assume i only play CM and i never corrected them (“Inhouse PPL”). i tried my best to give my carry the best start and i do feel i accomplished that and the one weakness i noticed on my self is some weak positioning.

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